Since the beginning of the INSIGHT project in September 2019, further steps have been taken in the process of shaping and drawing the profile of the Industrial Symbiosis facilitator. Thus, the required skills were defined based on the valuable and important inputs of the many stakeholders involved in the project activities. 

The future Industrial Symbiosis facilitator will work autonomously, handling data from stakeholders and he will be able to gather a wide network, enabling him to manage at his best innovation, resources management and waste minimization simultaneously. 

Legal and social aspects are among the most challenging sectors in relation with Industrial Symbiosis. Most of the interviewed stakeholders claim that legal barriers and social factors (i.e. IS being a relatively new field) are posing obstacles to the implementation of an IS strategy.

In order to face these barriers, the collected data shows that an IS facilitator should be able to easily jump from one field to another, covering different tasks and mastering a variety of skills, with networking and system-thinking being at the top of the chart.

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