CETEM organised a final online multiplier event on 22 February 2022 which reached a huge number of attendants from Spain and South America (71 persons). There were a variety of organisations, such as enterprises, consultancies, clusters, universities apart from students and other organisations not identified in the form. Some examples are Envirotect SPA, Universidad de Burgos, AMUEBLA, Universidad de Almería, Valora Consultores, Consuambiente, Ciconia Consultores Ambientales, Dina Tapizados, Indómita Ecodiseño, Universidad de Mondragón, etc.

The event, named “Circular Economy in industry: Industrial Symbiosis”, included four presentations. The first one, Almudena Muñoz from CETEM, was focused on talking in depth about the need for companies and other organisations to integrate Industrial Symbiosis. To this end, she presented the results of the INSIGHT project on which she has been working for almost three years to bring this concept of Industrial Symbiosis closer to industry, through the development of innovative training material.

The second presentation was given by RedEco, a consultancy firm that has been working on the implementation of the Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis since its creation. They told us about the competitive advantages achieved by the organisations, both public and private, with which they collaborate to integrate these principles.

Then, in the second part of the day, two companies shared their testimonies on Industrial Symbiosis and waste reduction. Firstly, the Valencian company CM Plastik, told attendants how it manufactures furniture under the premise of minimising raw materials and reducing waste and, finally, the company Fama Sofás closed the day by telling on first-hand about the process it recently underwent to obtain the AENOR Zero Waste certificate, which is only awarded to companies that recover more than 90% of their waste.