Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator - Key study based on current knowledge, skills and qualifications regarding industrial symbiosis

The first output of INSIGHT provides a succinct state of the arts of recent literature related to industrial symbiosis in order to understand the barriers and enablers at different levels (firm, industrial park, authority, …) enabling or hindering the implementation of industrial symbiosis.

By exploring existing training programmes in the field, the analysis also provides an overview of similitudes, priorities and possible gaps around existing trainings associated to industrial symbiosis. Second, the report explores further the needs and gaps regarding industrial symbiosis and provides an analysis on skills, competences and knowledge necessary to frame the emerging profile of industrial symbiosis facilitator.

30 successful cases studies and 60 interviews from relevant stakeholders (industrial symbiosis consultant, trainer, policy makers, researchers, business associations and enterprises) support the analysis, creating insights on the core dimensions of this new professional profile.

Ultimately, the outcome of the report allows us to identify skills, competences and knowledge required to implement industrial symbiosis and supports us in defining a training path to develop training material content in the next phase of the Insight project.