Five multiplier events took place in February 2022 to showcase all the results and outcomes developed within the framework of the project and beyond the partnership: key analysis, collaborative platform with training material integrated, blueprint, lesson learned and experienced acquired.

The INSIGHT events were part of the 2022 European Vocational Skills Week.

slovenia Circular economy and education in Slovenia for young people
15 February, 10:00 CET | Maribor (SI)

This event organised by the Styrian Technology Park brought together experts in circular economy and representative of the Ministry for education to discuss circular economy and education for young people. Participants had the possibility to exchange experiences on the topic.

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 INSIGHT : Fostering Industrial Symbiosis through the development of a novel and innovative training approach
15 February, 14:00 CET | Brussels (BE)

This event organised by Ecores included a presentation on Industrial Symbiosis and green skills in the EU content, an introduction to the training content as well as a demonstration of the e-learning platform and an overview of the Blueprint and its recommendations for industrial symbiosis and facilitation. A workshop session enabled participants to discuss in smaller groups how to support industrial symbiosis priorities. They also could sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

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Resumen Circular Economy in industry: Industrial Symbiosis
22 February, 10:00 CET | Yecla (ES) & online

This hybrid meeting organised by CETEM featured professional experts in the field of Industrial Symbiosis such as RedEco, who provided their point of view about how to successfully enterprises could implement IS and how to support them. In addition, other participations such as CM Plastik detailed its success case study about the implementation of IS in its business.

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Resumen Emerging skills for the Green Economy: towards the definition of the profile of Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator
22 February, 15:00 CET | Rome

This meeting, organised by SFC, took place in cooperation with Porta Futuro Lazio, a regional agency for training orientation of young people. In addition to discovering the INSIGHT project and its results, attendees heard exchanges on the collaboration between public and private sectors for the development of VET systems and discuss industrial symbiosis.

Resumen The Future of the Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator
23 February, 09:00 CET | Barcelona (ES)

This presential event, organised by Símbiosy, discussed the implementation of the professional profile of “Facilitator of Industrial Symbiosis.” The objective was to exchange opinions with experts from the territory in professional training, employment, and sustainability to draw up a joint strategy. In addition to specific training, this professional profile has been recognised by the industry and the administration.

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