Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator – Key study based on current knowledge, skills and qualifications regarding industrial symbiosis

This report, first output of INSIGHT, provides a succinct state of the arts of recent literature related to industrial symbiosis in order to understand the barriers and enablers at different levels enabling or hindering the implementation of industrial symbiosis. It explores further the needs and gaps regarding industrial symbiosis and provides an analysis on skills, competences and knowledge necessary to frame the emerging profile of industrial symbiosis facilitator.

Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator – Joint Curriculum

This report outlines the training curriculum designed to develop the Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator professional profile. Built taking into consideration the European Framework for Vocational Education and Training (VET), the training course includes Learning Outcomes, Modules and Training Units. Each is defined in this report, alongside with their duration and weight for the future acquisition of ECVET credit points. The report also provides a summary of the validation process and an overview of the national education framework in Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain. It aims at facilitating the transnational recognition of the INSIGHT training course, its formal validation at European level, and its transfer to countries and organizations in view of an implementation in all of the EU countries.

Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator – Student Guide

This guide gathers the key aspects that students need to know to undertake the Online Insight Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator Course. It includes the syllabus, the teaching and assessment methodology, and more details about the online platform.

This guide is available in English.