CETEM promotes the INSIGHT project at the first national congress on circular economy and environmental communication in Seville.

ECCA has been the first congress where business and government leaders have met to develop circular ideas, circularise business models and get in touch with all the agents of the sector.

Specifically, on Wednesday 6th October, Almudena Muñoz (international project manager at CETEM) had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at the round table entitled “Towards New Market Niches”.
In this framework, Ms. Munoz had the opportunity to present the INSIGHT project in detail, as well as to discuss with other experts the need for new business models and the involvement of the entire population to achieve the implementation of the circular economy.

CETEM participated in the round table with LANDALUZ Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía (Alvaro Guillén Benjumea), The Circular Project (Paloma Garcia), CTA (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía) (with Carmen Girón Domínguez) and Fundación Randstad (Ana Maria Ballesteros Regaña).