The Erasmus initiative of COVEs – Centres of Vocational Excellence promotes a bottom-up approach to excellence in VET Training, speeding up the skills provision and adapting to evolving economic and social needs.
The urgency of Green Economy impacts on all production and consumption systems has supported the importance of establishing a COVE based on skills and training courses to facilitate the paradigm shift from linear to circular economy.

Concerning this urgency, SFC, as partner of the COVE dedicated to Green Economy 3LoE, led by HANSE PARLAMENT and participated by 21 partners from 7 European countries, is encouraging the innovation and the updating of the Circular Economy training system, also through the dissemination and adoption of INSIGHT training path in the COVE 3LoE.

About this, SFC is driving the inclusion of the INSIGHT pathway for the Facilitator of Industrial Symbiosis among the 3LoE collection of the 3 levels of emerging green profiles foreseen in 3LoE: IVET level (3 and 4 EQF), CVET level (5 EQF and more), and specific university pathways (EQF6 -7-8)

During the COVE Italian meeting held last September in Rome, SFC presented and promoted the integration of the INSIGHT training program for Industrial Symbiosis.

The INSIGHT program has been highly appreciated, and 3LoE partners are ready to know more in detail the potentialities of a further development of the Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator profile.

Thus, SFC’s commitment to bringing professional profiles closer to emerging competence systems for business, while promoting the quality of vocational training, continues.