After more than two years working on industrial symbiosis (IS), the INSIGHT partners published a Blueprint Report where they identify 5 priorities to boost the uptake of IS through the empowerment of a new professional profile, the Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator. These priorities are:

  • Inform: raise awareness of stakeholders about the concept, opportunities, challenges and benefits of IS to accelerate its application;
  • Train: develop and upgrade technical and non-technical capacities of stakeholders to successfully create and implement IS strategies;
  • Finance: incentivise IS through economic tools to tackle economic barriers and support its planning and its implementation;
  • Connect: facilitate networking between companies and key stakeholders to share experience and challenges in order to promote IS;
  • Frame: eliminate legal barriers, create a common framework of intentions, policies and strategies for the CE and IS

For each priority, a set of recommendations is detailed in the Blueprint Document available online.

Do you agree with these priorities?
Do you also believe that facilitators have a key role in enabling industrial symbiosis?

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By doing so, you will be part of a network of organisations across Europe that commit to use the levers at their disposal coherently to support the priorities of the INSIGHT blueprint for Industrial Symbiosis and its facilitation.

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