The fourth intellectual output of the project is the INSIGHT Blueprint. A Blueprint is a policy recommendation, a framework for strategic cooperation between key stakeholders in a given economic sector, that can stimulate investment and encourage the uptake of proven concepts and methods. The aim of the INSIGHT Blueprint is to provide recommendation to promote the application of industrial symbiosis and its facilitation to various stakeholders, by providing a roadmap on how organisations are expected to apply the desired Industrial Symbiosis principles, using for this educational inputs and resources.

The main steps considered in the process are:

  1. the development of the Insight Blueprint Vision by the partners consortium. In their aspiration Industrial symbiosis is recognized as a key resource strategy and is disseminated throughout Europe in order to achieve a circular and regenerative economy. This is done through “awareness raising, capacity building, financing and connecting”.
  2. the review of relevant policies, strategies, financial instruments and programmes in the participating countries;
  3. policies interventions prioritisation and
  4. establish of main priorities.

As a result of the exercise, 34 policies have been identified and prioritised, several key policy interventions have been selected based on defined criteria, and finally four priorities established. Those are: 

Inform     Train       Finance      Connect.

For each priority, a set of key recommendations at various levels (local, regional, national, European) has been identified and illustrated by examples of good practice, identified in each partner country. In the next phase, key stakeholders from Belgium, Italy, Romania, Spain and Slovenia will be informed about the INSIGHT Blueprint priorities and its recommendations and consulted for their validation.