Now that the INSIGHT Joint Curriculum has been defined, the following steps are crucial to the completion of the project’s goal. Training materials, a knowledge assessment tool, and a student guide are to be seen in the partners’ horizon within the next few months.

The development of the Training Materials is the core of the project and the biggest activity in terms of workforce. Each module of the Joint Curriculum has been assigned to one of the INSIGHT partners, base don their best knowledge and experience. This partner will be in charge of developing the content of the units, which will be provided through an online training platform.

This activity will be followed by the definition of the final tool to assess the knowledge of the students and the creation of a guide for those who decide to take part of the INSIGHT training course. A common approach will be used to develop this short manual, to be accompanied by a power point presentation and a video.

As soon as the first training materials are developed in English, the Consortium partners will analyse the need for the materials to be translated into the different Consortium languages.