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Following the evolution of covid-19 all over the world, the project’s second transnational meeting that was initially planned between march 31and April 1, had to be postponed to a later date. We however decided to keep our working pace and organized our meeting through videoconference.

During this online meeting, we tackled the scope and key areas of our upcoming training’s learning outcomes, based on the outcomes of our first report – Key study based on current knowledge, skills and qualifications regarding industrial symbiosis.

As a result, the main learning outcomes were clustered around several key areas:

  • IS theory, concepts and context, a module encompassing basic knowledge around Industrial Symbiosis, including legal framework, key barriers and advantages of this circular approach.
  • IS management, a module providing a step by step managerial approach to IS implementation, including Material Flow Analyses, data management, and IS tools among others.
  • IS Business models, a module proving skills and competences around business model innovation in IS, including financial skills and contracting knowledge.
  • Soft Skills for IS, a module including communication, entrepreneurial mindset, facilitation and networking skills.

This collaborative work was a major milestone to design the complete structure of the course. We are excited to continue this momentum and will keep you informed on the next phases of the project.