The concept of Industrial Symbiosis has been extended to most of the industrial sectors, some policy makers and different stakeholders. However, the knowledge of the people used to be very theoretical and reduced.
In order to avoid it, Interreg Europe, through its Policy Learning platform organised a webinar in 2018 to enter in detail about Industrial Symbiosis and other circular business models, its policy frame and its challenge.

In addition, some good practices were explored in this event.
Some of the main conclusions obtained were that it is still a great deal to do. For example, Circular Economy Business Models experts should engage knowledge- and technology- based enablers and also governance drivers from the education perspective. It is necessary to extend the know-how of people in basic concepts and its applications (e.g. circular purchase, cleaner production, resource efficiency, etc.). One of the main challenges and barriers for a complete extension of Industrial Symbiosis is the attitudinal one and this could be solved thank to an education supporter which change the perception of community about the applicability of these concepts.
This information and some extra one could be found in “Circular Business Models” Webinar.